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Table and Column Names

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Identifiers consist of a true character followed by alphanumeric characters, the underscore _ and the hyphen. They can contain up to 40 characters. German umlauts count as true characters.

Valid identifiers are:


Column and Table Names

Column and table names can contain any ANSI characters but the control characters, the brackets [] and the double quotes. If the name follows the rules for an identifier, it can be used normally in all expressions and statements. If it does not, it must be included either in double quotes or in brackets.

These are examples of invalid identifiers, which can be used as column names if enclosed in double quotes or brackets:

No of Items (spaces not allowed)
3645 (first character must be non-digit)

The maximum length for column and table names is 40 characters for table levels up to 4. Table level 5 allows table names up to 79 characters and column names up 128 characters.