TurboDB Engine Documentation


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There exist two implementations of the TurboDB database engine, the native Windows engine and the .NET engine also called the managed engine. The two database engines can work with the same database files as long as the restrictions of the two engines are observed. These are the rules to follow, when you want to share a database file between TurboDB Managed 2.x and TurboDB Win 5.x.

Use a single-file database instead of a directory database.
Restrict table and column names to 40 characters.
Do not use Blowfish encryption, but employ FastEncrypt or Rijndael. The password for all tables must be the same as TurboDB Managed only supports one password per database.
TurboDB Win will ignore user-defined functions and stored procedures. They cannot be used in computed indexes and queries.
Do not use language drivers.
TurboDB Managed and TurboDB Win cannot share the same database file concurrently since the locking system is different. They can however access the data alternately.