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Filter search-conditions are used, when entering check constraints for a TurboDB table via TurboDB Viewer or via the VCL TTdbTable component. They are very similar to TurboSQL search-conditions with a few exceptions:

Date, time and number formats are based on the local settings
* and ? are allowed as jokers as well as % and _
Sets are written in brackets instead of parenthesis


(Name, Amount, Amount1, Amount2 and Date-of-birth are table columns.)

Name = 'Smith'

Name like 'Smi*'  (deprecated, prefer % in place of *)

Name like 'Smi%'

Name like 'Smit?'  (deprecated, prefer _ in place of ?)

Name like 'Smit_'

Name has 'mit'

LeftStr(Name, 2) = 'Sm'

Length(Name) > 4

Amount = 13546.45

Amount < 13546.46

Amount < 345.67 or Amount > 567.89 (note that the decimal point depends on your local settings)

Amount1 * 0.3 > Amount2 * 0.8

Amount is not null (includes all records that have a value for Amount)

Date-of-birth = "4/20/1962" (note that the date format depends on your local settings)

Date-of-birth < "4/20/1962"

Date-of-birth between "4/1/1962" and "4/30/1962"

Year(Date-of-birth) = 1962

Date-of-birth is null  (includes all records that have no value for Date-of-birth)

Rules for Quoting and Escaping

Both single and double quotes are allowed for string constants. If you need a quote within a string, which is terminated with the same kind of quote, duplicate the quote:

"My ""quote""" -> My "quote"

'My "quote"' -> My "quote"

'My ''quote''' -> My 'quote'

"My 'quote'" -> My 'quote'

If a table column has a name, which is also a keyword, you must precede it by $:

Length($Password) > 8

TurboDB offers powerful functions and operators for use in search-conditions, e.g. like, between...and..., LeftStr, Year and many others. Refer to Operators and Functions for a complete reference. Comparisons can be combined using the logical operators and, or and not.

Compatibility Information

TurboPL is supported only for backward compatibility in tables up to level 4.