Installing TurboDB Managed

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To install TurboDB Managed

1.Run the Microsoft installer TurboDBManaged.msi and follow the steps.
2.TurboDB for .NET comes with a complete DDEX-Provider, which allows you to create database connections in the Server Explorer of Visual Studio and create TurboDB data sources in the Data Source window. Optionally you may also work with the provider components like TurboDBDataAdapter directly. In this case,  it is sometimes useful, to install these components in the Toolbox.
1.In Visual Studio, open an application that contains a form and open the form.
2.Open the toolbox at the Data tab.
3.Right click on the tab and select Choose Items...
4.Switch to the .NET tab and click Browse....
5.Select the assembly DataWeb.TurboDB.Managed20.Provider.dll from the TurboDB data provider installation folder.
6.You should see the TurboDB data provider components in the toolbox now.
7.For the .Net Compact Framework repeat steps 1. to 6. but select DataWeb.TurboDB.CF20.Provider.dll in 5.
3.Another optional step is to add TurboDB tools to your Tools menu.
1.Select Extras/External Tools... from the main menu.
2.Click Add and browse for TurboDBPilot.exe in the TurboDB data provider installation folder.
4.If you want to use the generic programming feature with database provider factories, you must update your  machine.config inside the .NET framework configuration. See topic Generic Database Programming for that purpose.