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New in TurboDB Managed v2

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Version 2.0

The new CONTAINS predicate together with the new full-text indexes allow for powerful and very fast search for arbitrary words.
Table names can have up to 79 characters and column names up to 128 characters.
Connections are now pooled for better performance in applications that execute multiple commands and close the connection in between.
Fast encryption and Rijndael (AES) encryption is now supported.
Programmatic compression of databases is provided by the TurboDBConnection class.
UNION, INTERSECT and EXCEPT statements are implemented.
TurboDB Pilot has a much more comfortable management of databases and commands.
TurboDB Pilot now provides a visual table designer for creating and altering database tables.

Version 1.3

TurboDB Managed 1.3 contains a completely new family of features centered around programmability.

User-defined functions allow you to define your own SQL functions either in SQL or as a .NET assembly.
Stored procedures allow you to call complex statement sequences with a single call. They are implemented either in TurboSQL or in any .NET language.
User-defined aggregates allow you to define new aggregation function for your SQL statements in any .NET language.

Read the section on "Programming Language" for detailed information.