Protected Database Tables

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Feature supported only in TurboDB Win32 for ADO.NET

TurboDB offers multiple ways of prohibiting unauthorized access to your database table. An overview can be found in the section on data security.

How to Create a Protected Table with TurboDB Viewer

When creating a new table with TurboDB Viewer, you select the encryption method click on the button Pwd to enter the password. If you selected the classic mode, the alphanumeric password and the numeric key must be entered in one text box separated by semicolon.


How to Create a Protected Table in Code

If you create the database tables from within your application, you can add the ENCRYPTION and the PASSWORD clauses to the CREATE TABLE (or ALTER TABLE) statement, as described in "CREATE TABLE Command".

Using a Protected Table

When you are accessing a protected table in your application, you must find a way to provide the password and key, when a table is opened. This is done using the PasswordNeeded event of the TurboDBConnection component.