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TurboPL String Operators and Functions

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These string operators and functions can be used in TurboPL expressions. They are no more recommended for TurboSQL.



concatenation, e.g. EMPLOYEES.FirstName + ' ' + EMPLOYEES.LastName


access to single character, e.g. EMPLOYEES.FirstName[1] + '. ' + EMPLOYEES.LastName






less or equal




greater or equal










not equal


case sensitive search of string within another, e.g. 'John Smith' has 'Sm'


case insensitive correspondence to mask containing jokers, e.g. 'Smith' like 'sMIth', 'Smith' like 'Sm*', 'Smith' like 'Smit?' (all true)

in [..]

tests, whether an element is contained within the set


Arguments in brackets are optional.

Asc(C: String): Integer

Returns the ordinal value of the first character in the string.

Chr(N: Integer): String

Returns the character for a specified Unicode value.

Exchange(Source, From, To: String): String

Replaces all occurrences of From in Source by To and returns the modified string.

FillStr(Source, Filler: String; Len: Integer): String

Fills the Source with the Filler up to the given Length and returns the result.

LeftStr(Source: String; Len: Integer): String

Return the left substring of source with given length.

Length(Source: String)

Return the count of characters in Source.

Lower(Source: String): String

Returns the string in lowercase.

LTrim(Source: String): String

Returns Source without any leading white-space.

MemoStr(Memo: MemoField [; Len: Integer]): String

Returns the first Len (default is 255, -1 means all) characters of the content of the memo field in the current record.

NTimes(Source: String; Count: Integer): String

Returns a string that repeats Source Count times.

RealVal(Str: String): Real

Calculates the numeric value of a string expression.

Pos(SubStr, Source: String): Integer

Returns the position of SubStr in Source or 0, if SubStr is not contained in Source.

RightStr(Source: String; Len: Integer)

Returns the Len last characters of Source.

RTrim(Source: String): String

Returns Source without any trailing white-spaces.

Scan(SubStr, Source: String): Integer

Returns the number of occurrences of SubStr in Str.

Str(Num: Real[; Width, Scale: Integer]): String

Returns the alphanumeric representation of Num with given Width and Scale. Width=1 means as needed. The alphanumeric representation of an enumeration value (see column data types) is the name of the value.

Upper(Source: String): String

Returns the string in uppercase.

NewGuid: String

Returns a string denoting a new Globally Unique Identifier.

Compatibility Information

TurboPL is supported only for backward compatibility in tables up to level 4.