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dataweb provides technical support for TurboDB in the Internet.


Is your question in the frequently asked questions on the Web? Have a look at http://www.dataweb.de/en/support/faq_general.html.

Web Site

Visit the TurboDB Web site at http://www.turbodb.de.


dataweb offers a forum called TurboDB Diskussionsforum, which is available in English and German. Another forum in German language for TurboDB and related issues (i.e. TurboDB Studio) is to be found at http://www.tdb.de/.


If you have questions or problems that are not answered on the Web Site or in the forum then send a mail to dataweb support team. Again, English and German messages are supported.

Professional Services

are provided by our service partners. In Germany, this is pohmann & partner found at http://www.pohmannundpartner.de.