TurboSQL Guide

System Tables

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TurboDB uses system tables to store management information and to provide the information schema to the user. The following tables correspond to their counterparts in SQL 92

It depends on the management level of the database whether these tables are permanent or temporary. In both cases you can query on them.


Lists the user tables of the database.


Lists the visible columns of the user tables.


Lists the names of all keys, checks and foreign keys of all user tables.


Lists all columns from user tables that make part of a (primary or candidate) key.


Lists the check constraints including the check condition.


Indicates the referenced unique constraint and the referential action for each foreign key in the database.


Lists the indexes of all user tables.


Lists all indexed columns of all user tables.


Lists all stored procedures of the database.


select ColumnName, DataType from sys_UserColumns where TableName = 'TableA'

Displays the columns and their data types for table TableA.

select I.TableName, I.IndexName, C.ColumnName
from sys_UserIndexes I join sys_UserIndexColumns C on I.TableName = C.TableName and I.IndexName = C.IndexName
where I.IsUnique = True

Displays the columns of all unique indexes.