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Table Levels

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Along with the enhancements and improvements in TurboDB, different storage formats have been developed to support additional features. They are called table levels and the following will describe the characteristics of each. While TurboDB Native supports all these table levels, TurboDB Managed can only work with table level 5 and above.

Table Level 5

Is compatible with TurboDB Managed.
Supports standard  SQL syntax for checks, default values and calculations for columns and indexes.
Supports tables with the same name in different database files in the same directory.
Includes the table schema in the encryption.
Is prepared for character set support.
Is prepared for Unicode table and column names.

Table Level 4

Supports primary keys and unique keys.
Supports time columns with a precision of seconds or milliseconds.
Supports additional (strong) encryption algorithms.
Supports checks and foreign keys.
Adjusts the ordering to SQL standard, such that null values are less than all other values.
Increases the number of indexes allowed for a table.
Supports strong encryption.
Allows for maintained full-text indexes.

Table Level 3

Adds Unicode strings, date time columns and GUID columns.

Table Level 2

Introduces 32 bit Integers and Ansi encoded strings.

Table Level 1

The original table file format. Compatible with TurboDB for DOS.