TurboDB VCL Component Library

Licensing and Activation

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If you are using the VCL component libarary you need to include the file TdbLicense in each project to activate the features you have licensed. Without this unit, your program will throw an exception, when you first try to open a database connection. Including TdbLicense is very easy:

In Delphi just add the unit TdbLicense to the uses clause of any unit in your program.
In C++ Builder insert the line #pragma link TdbLicense in the main C++ file of your application.
Additionally check the project option "Build with runtime packages" (default in C++ Builder). Either uncheck this option or add the lib file "turbodb6dX.lib" (turbodb6dX.a  for x64) to your project.

As long as you didn't receive a license file and you didn't activate your TurboDB installation, your applications will run for 30 days counted from the day of the TurboDB 6 installation. After that period, your application will throw an exception when you try to open a database.

Activation is the process of converting a trial edition of TurboDB into a licensed edition, which you can use to build commercial programs. In order to activate your trial edition of TurboDB you need an license file which you receive upon purchasing a license.

Let us assume you have completed your application using the trial edition of TurboDB and then you have purchased a license. You will receive an e-mail containing the license file.

1.Run Activator which resides in the bin subdirectory of your installation. Under Windows Vista or later you have to run the activation utility by using "Run as Administrator". To do this you just right-click activator.exe and select the option from the drop down menu.
2.Check if the TurboDB directory is correct, enter the path to the license file and press Ok. The activator will modify some files of your TurboDB installation.
3.You are done. Again, please don't forget to use the unit TdbLicense in any TurboDB application you create. It is a very small unit and contains the encrypted licensing information, that is necessary to create a commercially used program.