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New in TurboDB Win v6

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TurboDB 6 comes with a large number of new and enhanced features. Note that some of those new features require existing tables to be updated to table level 6 in order to be available. Check in the respective section to learn whether this is the case.

Faster handling of Unicode strings in all areas of the database engine
Faster calculations in all areas of the database engine
Optimized index storage format for index entries with variable size. Especially indexes on larger string fields profit by less memory requirements and faster execution.
Precise result data types for calculated columns in SQL
String columns now have collations that define, how strings from that column are sorted and compared.
File extensions for database objects like tables, indexes etc. have been changed for the new table level 6. They now all start with tdb, to avoid naming conflicts with other applications.
User-defined separators for full-text indexing. See the CREATE FULLTEXTINDEX SQL command.
Selective full-text search in SQL: The CONTAINS predicate now also supports definition of specific columns, in which the search words must be appear:
WHERE CONTAINS('aWord' in Column1, Column2, Column8)
Calculated columns can be defined in the ALTER TABLE and CREATE TABLE command.

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