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Contains the Unicode text of the SQL statement to execute for the query.

Delphi syntax:

property SQLW: WideString;

C++ syntax:

__property WideString SQLW = {read=FSQLW, write=SetQueryW};


Use SQLW to provide the SQL statement that a query component executes when its ExecSQL or Open method is called. At design time the SQLW property can be edited by invoking the SQLBuilder in the Object Inspector.

The SQLW property may contain one or more SQL commands separated by semicolon ";". If there are multiple result sets in a chained SQL statement, only the last one will be shown in the query component.

The SQLW property can be used to access TurboDB tables using TurboSQL. The allowable syntax is a subset of SQL-92.

The SQL statement in the SQLW property may contain replaceable parameters, following standard SQL-92 syntax conventions. Parameters are created and stored in the Params property.