TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Creates a new full-text index for the table.

Delphi syntax:

procedure AddFulltextIndex(const Fields, RelationField, CounterIndexFileName: string; Limit: Integer);

C++ syntax:

void __fastcall AddFulltextIndex(const AnsiString Fields, const AnsiString RelationField, const AnsiString CounterIndexFileName, int Limit);


Call AddFulltextIndex to create a full-text index for the table. This method creates the classic form of a non-updatable full-text index.

Fields is the list of column names to include in the full-text index. RelationField is the relation field in the table, that will be used to connect the dictionary table with the table. CounterIndexFileName is the name of a text-file containing words, that should not be included in the index. Limit is the number of occurrences per word, after which it will be removed from the index.


It is recommended to upgrade the table to level 4 or higher and use AddFulltextIndex2 to create an updatable full-text index.

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