TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Specifies the password used to open or create the table.

Delphi syntax:

property Password: string;

C++ syntax:

__property AnsiString Password = {read=FPassword, write=FPassword};


Set Password before opening a protected table. If Password has the wrong value, the database component issues an OnPassword event. If there is no event handler defined, the table won't open and an ETurboDBError exception is raised.

When you create or alter a table the current values of EncryptionMethod and Password is used to protect the table.

If the encryption method of the table is temClassic, an alphanumeric key is needed as        well as a 32 bit number. In this case set the password property to the table password concatenated with the number using a semicolon, e.g. MyPass;-7896879. It is however recommended to change such tables to encryption mode fast encrypt for easier handling of the password.

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