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Re-builds a full-text index.

Delphi syntax:

procedure UpdateFulltextIndex(const Name: AnsiString); overload;

procedure UpdateFullTextIndex(const Fields, RelationField, CounterIndexFileName: String; Limit: Integer); overload;

C++ syntax:

void __fastcall UpdateFulltextIndex(const AnsiString Name);

void __fastcall UpdateFullTextIndex(const AnsiString Fields, const AnsiString RelationField, const AnsiString CounterIndexFileName, int Limit);


Call UpdateFullTextIndex to re-build a full-text index for your table. The first version can merely be used with new full-text indexes (table level 4 and above) and is needed only if the index is defect. The second version is for old full-text indexes (table level 3 and below) and is necessary because old full-text indexes are not maintained. You must call this function to add new records to the full-text index and to remove deleted records from it.

Fields is a comma-separated list of the names of the fields you want to be indexed.

RelationField is the name of the relation field, that creates the link to the full-text table.

CounterIndexFileName is optional and points to a text file containing a list of words not to include in the index. The file has one line for each word.

Limit is the number of occurrences of a single keyword that has the keyword excluded from the index.