TurboDB VCL Component Library

TTdbTableUsage Type

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Describes how a database table is currently accessed through applications.

Delphi syntax:

TTdbTableUsage = record
ItemCount: Integer;
UserCount: Integer;
ReadCount: Integer;
UpgradeCount: Integer;
WriteCount: Integer;
WaitCount: Integer;
WaitWriteCount: Integer;
UpdateCount: Integer;
UserInfo: array[0..MaxTableUsers-1] of TTdbUsageUserInfo;

C++ syntax:

class TTdbTableUsage {
int ItemCount;
int UserCount;
int ReadCount;
int UpgradeCount;
int WriteCount;
int WaitCount;
int WaitWriteCount;
int UpdateCount;
TTdbUsageUserInfo UserInfo[MaxTableUsers];


ItemCount        Number of applications registered with this table.

UserCount        Number of active sessions working with this table.

ReadCount        Number of sessions currently reading from this table.

UpgradeCount        Number sessions reading from this table and eventually wanting to write to the table.

WriteCount        Number of sessions currently writing to this table.

WaitCount        Number of sessions currently waiting to read from the table.

WaitWriteCount        Number of sessions currently waiting to write to the table.

UpdateCount        Number of modifications applied to the table since the first session accessed it.

UserInfo        Per-session usage information