Licensing TurboDB Managed

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TurboDB Managed 2 uses a license that is directly embedded in your application as a resource file.

To include license information for TurboDB Managed in your application:

1.Add the file TurboDBManagedLicense.resx to your application.
2.Recompile your application.

Note: Due to a bug in .NET Compact Framework 2.0, the license mechanism does not work with the original version of Compact Framework. The application always throws an exception saying that TurboDB Managed was not licensed. You must at least install SP 1 to make the license work.

To activate your TurboDB license:

A valid trial license which runs 30 days from installation can be found in the TurboDB Managed installation directory. When you buy a production license you will receive another license file, that you can rename and store as you like. Just remove the prior license file from the project and add the new one.