Licensing TurboDB Win32 for ADO.NET

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Applications using TurboDB Win32 always must be licensed. The license is stored in a Dataweb.TurboDB.lic file in the installation folder of TurboDB. If you drop at least one TurboDBConnection component on a Windows form or ASP.NET form in Visual Studio, the license is added to your project automatically. If you use TurboDB only from your code or if you insert TurboDB component via DDEX into your application, an exception is thrown when TurboDBConnection is created for the first time within the application. The exception tells you that the application has been compiled without TurboDB license information.

To include license information for TurboDB Win32 in your application:

1.Check whether your project already contains a file named licenses.licx. Switch on Show All Files in the Solution Explorer to do this. If the file does not yet exist, add a new text file with this name. (In VS 2005, one usually puts it in the Properties folder.)
2.Open this text file and add the following line:
For TurboDB Win32 5 for ADO.NET 1.1:
DataWeb.TurboDB.TurboDBConnection, DataWeb.TurboDB, Version=<main version>.<subversion>.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ee707c084c1d234c
For TurboDB Win32 5 for ADO.NET 2.0:
DataWeb.TurboDB.TurboDBConnection, DataWeb.TurboDB.Native20.Provider, Version=<main version>.<subversion>.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ee707c084c1d234c
Note that you can look up the exact version and public key token from a view of the assembly cache (for example in the Administrative Tools: .NET Framework X Configuration/Manage the Assembly Cache/View List of Assemblies in the Assembly Cache). Another source for these entries is the licenses.txt file in the bin folder of your TurboDB installation.
Set <main version> and <subversion> to the actual version you have. For example, to 1 and 1 for TurboDB Managed or to 5 and 10 for TurboDB for .NET.
3.Then recompile your application.

To activate your TurboDB license:

The license of an evaluation edition allows you to use all features of TurboDB without restrictions. However, applications compiled with the evaluation edition run only for three days. After this period they will stop working and throw an exception indicating that the trial period is over. The TurboDB evaluation installation itself will never expire, therefore you just have to rebuild your application again and it will run for another three days. If you can live with the fact, that your application has to be re-built every three days, you will never have to buy a license.

When you buy a real license, you will receive a different license file that you must copy into the directory of the TurboDB assemblies thereby replacing the existing evaluation license file. Then rebuild your application and it will stop to expire.