Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my TurboDB Managed application run on Windows Vista?

Yes. We do not know of any compatibility problems.

Does my TurboDB Managed application run on 64-bit operation systems?

Yes. TurboDB Managed is written in 100% .NET code and therefore runs in the 64-bit CLR with complete 64-bit support.

What Do I Have to Observe when Converting a TurboDB Win32 for ADO.NET to a TurboDB Managed Application?

As a general rule we recommend everybody running a TurboDB Win32 for ADO.NET application to consider migrating it to TurboDB Managed, if you do not need to run Delphi VCL applications and .NET applications against the same database. However TurboDB Managed is a completely new pure SQL database which is not compatible in all aspects with TurboDB Win32. Therefore be sure to check the following issues before starting the migration:

TurboDB Managed supports only the most recent TurboDB database level 5 and only single-file databases.
TurboDB Managed is a multi-user database but it cannot share databases with TurboDB Win32 concurrently.
TurboDB Managed 2 does not yet support full outer joins (it does support left and right outer joins however).
TurboDB Managed does not yet support relation columns (it does support link columns however).
TurboDB Managed is based on the disconnected data set principle of ADO.NET. You have to close the database connection immediately after any database operation (if there is not another one following directly).
TurboDB Managed may throw exceptions if you create data readers and keep them open while altering the underlying table or closing the connection.
The Exclusive property of the TurboDBConnection class has no effect in TurboDB Managed because an application cannot prevent another from opening the same database. The property exists for compatibility only.

The advantages of a migration on the other hand are:

Pure .NET library avoids installation and access right problems.
Higher performance in many cases.
Support for stored procedures.
Enhancements in the ADO.NET world will be implemented first or even only for TurboDB Managed (e.g. Entity Framework).