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dataweb currently offers two database engines known as TurboDB Win32, which runs on all 32-bit Windows platforms and TurboDB Managed, which runs on .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework.

The TurboDB Engines are a very fast and compact database kernel that have proven to fit the needs of application programmers over the last eight years. They do not need any configuration, so they can be installed by just copying the program files. This feature makes them an ideal solution for downloadable, CD, DVD, mobile or Web applications, that are to run on a remote Web server only available via ftp.

This book contains all the features of the TurboDB database engines themselves, i.e. features independent of the development environment and the component library used. For information specific to the VCL component library for Delphi and C++ Builder, please refer to "TurboDB Win32 for VCL". The classes of the ADO.NET provider for the .NET framework are described in "TurboDB Win32 for ADO.NET" and "TurboDB Managed".

Both TurboDB database engines have the following advantages:

Small footprint
Runs without installation
No configuration needed
Supports multi-user access
Royalty-free deployment
Visual database manager included
Many additional tools available for free

The managed engine has the following additional advantages:

Runs on Windows for mobile devices: Pocket PC and Smartphone.
Does not require any special rights for running in a .NET environment (e.g. unsafe code)
Supports user-defined functions, stored procedures and user-defined aggregates.

The native engine has these additional advantages:

Encrypted database files
Special column types for one-to-many and many-to-many relationship between tables