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New in TurboDB Win32 v5

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TurboDB 5 comes with a large number of new and enhanced features. Note that some of those new features require existing tables to be updated to table level 4 in order to be available. Check in the respective section to learn whether this is the case.

Uncorrelated and correlated sub-queries
The top keyword restricts the number of rows in the result set
Strong encryption based on either Blowfish or Rijndael (AES) algorithm
Time fields with a resolution of seconds or milliseconds
Default values for table columns
Checks for table rows
The CASE construct
Referential integrity with optional action cascading
Ultra-fast maintained full-text indexes with ranking and better SQL integration
Transaction support with automatic crash recovery
Better typed aggregated columns
Join conditions can now be arbitrary search-conditions including calculations and logical operands, not just comparisons
Nullable character types
Managed databases with database-wide properties
The CAST function
Optimized page sizes according to predefined capacity (table level 4)
Supports up to 50 indexes per table (table level 4)
The index files are named <table name>|<index name>.ind to prevent naming conflicts (table level 4 only).
Supports column names with spaces and special characters (table level 4)