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Press Releases

Aicha, Germany, 10/17/2006
dataweb presents first 100% managed .NET database

dataweb announces today the availability of her .NET database engine in 100% managed code. TurboDB Managed makes it now possible to execute database applications in a completely secured mode also on Windows. This was reserved to Java developers until today. More...

Aicha, Germany, 02/07/2006
TurboDB to Support Direct Data Access on the .NET Platform

dataweb announces today availability of the direct data access components for her embedded
database engine TurboDB.NET. The new components allow the developer to work with update able
server-side cursors instead of disconnected data sets. More...

Aicha, Germany, 10/04/2005
TurboDB 5 Brings Server Features to the Desktop Database Engine

dataweb has released version 5 of its premium desktop database engine TurboDB. The new version puts its focus on typical features of database servers, which are now brought to an embedded database. These features include integrity rules, transactions, full-text search, strong encryption and correlated sub-queries. More...

Aicha, Germany, 8/22/2002
dataweb Ships First Cross-Platform BDE-Compatible Database Engine with Single-File Support.

dataweb today announced TurboDB 4, a major update for its industry-strength database engine for Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder. The new version features full Unicode support, multi-session and multi-threading capabilities and the ability to store all database objects within one single database file. These features enable TurboDB developers to build up-to-date Web Services and Web applications running under Windows/IIS as well as under Linux/Apache. More...

Aicha, Germany 8/13/2001
Porting Delphi BDE Applications to Linux Easier than Ever.

dataweb announces availability of TurboDB Components 3.3, the only truly integrated cross-platform desktop database engine for Delphi and Kylix. Version 3.3 improves on BDE compatibility, sports new property and component editors now also for Linux and includes a list of bug fixes. The upgrade is free for registered users of TurboDB Components 3.X.More..

Aicha, Germany 5/2/2001
Reuse Existing Database Code in your Kylix Apps.

dataweb announces availability of TurboDB Components 3.2, the only cross-platform desktop database engine for Delphi and Kylix. More...

Aicha, Germany, 3/5/2001
World's First Cross-Platform Database Components for Kylix and Delphi Announced.

dataweb ( today announced version 3.0 of its local database components TurboDB equally available for Linux and Windows. More...

Aicha, Germany, 1/14/2001
German Web Site for Kylix/Delphi for Linux.

dataweb has opened the first Web Site for Kylix in german language. Find news, background information and articles in german language: