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TurboDB Embedded

Embedded Databases

TurboDB is a family of embedded databases and database servers for a wide variety of purposes. TurboDB characterizes itself by its high reliability, excellent performance, small footprint, ease of use, standard conformance and smart additional functionality.

:: What is an Embedded Database?

In contrast to a database server, an embedded database is part of the client application and accesses the database files directly. As a consequence, there is no need to install, configure and maintain a server application.

The version of the database and the application always fit together, because they are compiled, tested and deployed together. With an embedded database, the end-user does not even notice, that the application uses an RDBMS.

:: When would you use a TurboDB Embedded Database?

Whenever you need a powerful integrated SQL database for your software project. While comparably small regarding footprint, memory requirements and also pricing, TurboDB is a full-featured database offering SQL, transactions, constraints and multi-user access.

It is ideal to replace Microsoft Access or Embarcadero BDE or in existing projects and it is a perfect solution to build easy to maintain applications on Windows with Visual Studio or any other .NET tool or Embarcadero Delphi/C++ Builder. With TurboDB Studio there exists even a special IDE for creating TurboDB applications.

:: Which Product to Choose?

There are basically two database kernels available. One is our classic Windows database, which is compiled to machine code and can be used in various development environments:

The other database kernel is TurboDB for .NET , which is written in pure managed code and can therefore deliver database functionality to all .NET platforms including .NET Compact Framework.

On top of these database engines, we deliver a large toolset. The most prominent is TurboDB Studio, which is an integrated development environment for rapid visual database application development based on the Windows database kernel.

When the techical limit for an embedded database is reached you can seamlessly upgrade to our slim database server for larger applications.

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