TurboDB VCL Component Library

New Features

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TurboDB 6 brings a lot of new features both in the core database engine and in the VCL component set. The new engine features including enhancements to TurboSQL can be found in the TurboDB Engine documentation. The changes to the component library are listed here:

Support for all languages through collations on table and column level.
Support for database back-up during regular database operation.
Considerably enhanced full-text indexing and searching. In TTdbTable.AddFulltextIndex2 you can now indicate a list of word separators. When searching via SQL the columns to search in can be specified.
Choose to work with a incremental filter instead of a static filter where appropriate. Incremental filters are much faster when searching a large subset within a huge dataset. The advantages of static filters are still available by default.
Support for drill-down functionality and manually modified filters through a new selection API in TTdbDataSet.
TTdbTable has now an IndexFieldNames property like TTable that sorts after an arbitrary sequence of column names. I.e. there need not exist an index for this sorting order.
The size of the cache used for table data can be specified.
The VCL enumeration type ftWideMemo is supported.
TurboDB Viewer' user interface has been reworked, the menu structure is much clearer now.
TurboDB Viewer supports the backup feature and also a new function that creates a copy of a table in another database.
The SQL editor in TurboDB Viewer has syntax highlighting and code completion.
In TurboDB Viewer, a click on a column header sorts the table content after that column in ascending or descending order.
And many more features on the database level.

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