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:: NEWS :: NShape 2.3.0 released with support for embedded images in NShape files, moving diagrams by dragging, a significant increase in the number of layers, and many other features and improvements. For a complete list of changes see..

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Databases and SQL

Databases, embedded database engines and database query languages like SQL are our topics at dataweb. We have assembled for you a bunch of interesting links. Links in German are to be found under "Datenbanken und SQL".

Last update: 2006-08-16

Databases in General

Database at Wikipedia: What is a database anyway? Good starting point for database technical terms.

Concepts of Database Management: Philip J. Pratt, Joseph J. Adamski; Course Technology, 2002
Good introduction into the foundations of database management.


ODBC at Wikipedia

Inside ODBC: Kyle Geiger, Microsoft Press, 1995.
The standard book about ODBC. Covers just everything.


OLEDB for Me: 4 Guys from
OLE DB explained on one page.

VCL DataSets


MSDN: Documentation from Microsoft

ADO.NET Overview: Karl Moore
Short introduction article on


SQL Tutorial: W3Schools
Nice online-Tutorial

A Gentle Introduction to SQL:
Tutorial with many interactive questions that can be tried out against a real database immediately.

SQL Cookbook: Anthony Molinaro; O'Reilly Media, 2005
Very practical, many examples.