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:: NEWS :: NShape 2.3.0 released with support for embedded images in NShape files, moving diagrams by dragging, a significant increase in the number of layers, and many other features and improvements. For a complete list of changes see..

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dataweb employees are also researched partners for professional journals and conference organizers. Here you find a selection of articles and conference submissions, which have originated here at dataweb.

The following contributions are all in English. Articles in German are to be found in "Artikel".

:: Implementing an ADO Server with Delphi Using the OLE DB Simple Provider
This article explains the concepts and the implementation of an OLE DB Provider in Delphi. It uses the OLE DB Simple Provider framework to simplify the task and includes a complete running sample program.

:: TurboDB.NET - A User's Perspective
Graham Plumb, a student in computer science at the Coventry University (UK) reports about his experience, when first approaching TurboDB for .NET.